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Watch last year's Elora Santa Claus Parade on YouTube.

Below are some pictures I took of the Santa Claus Parade. If your business or organization was in the parade and you would like a larger print quality photo of any of the pictures below, please email me at and I will be happy to email it to you. Enjoy!

Santa at Elora Lions Club parade
Fergus Pipe BandElora Lions Club parade
Elora BIAElora Lions Club
Centre Wellington Fire DepartmentCentre Wellington Fire Department>
Fergus Pipe BandChristmas Float
Children's Christmas FloatCentre Wellington Contractors Association
Grand River DanceDancers in the Elora Christmas Parade
Horses in the ParadeCentre Wellington Highs School Musicians
Sports DogsCheer On
Wellington County Plowmen's AssociationPower of Play
Elora BeaversWatson Farm Equipment
Parade TruckCJO Radio
Elora Gorge Animal HospitalSalem Saber Tooths
Wellington Veterinary ServicesElora Parade Float
Elora Youth SingersElora Christmas Parade